President – Navruz Baum

The president of the Engineering Governing Council is responsible for setting the vision and course of the council by coordinating closely with the officers, chairs, and other members. The president is also the chief spokesperson for EGC, and regularly meets with members of administration and other student groups.

Year: 2020

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Internal Vice President – Kaavya Krishna-Kumar

The internal vice president is responsible for ensuring the council works as effectively as possible for the School of Engineering. This includes both working with the various committee chairs on their initiatives, and developing the members of the council so they can be as effective as possible.

Year: 2020

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

External Vice President – Michael Nitzsche

The external vice president ensures the interests of engineers are represented in organizations outside of EGC. This includes overseeing our representatives in RUSA and the University Senate, as well as expanding our presence to other bodies.

Year: 2019

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Treasurer – Sagar Phanda

The treasurer is responsible for making sure EGC’s money is used in the most efficient way possible. This includes overseeing our internal finances, allocations to our member organizations, as well as fundraising efforts.

Year: 2019

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Secretary – Sagar Shah

The secretary keeps EGC’s documents and internal communication in good working order. This includes maintaining agendas, minutes, bills, and rosters organized and up to date.

Year: 2020

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering


Our chairs do the essential work of leading the council in the day to day initiatives that serve the School of Engineering.

Learn more about our committees

Engineering Affairs: Darian Greenfield
Academic Affairs: Ethan Zang
First Year Engagement: Hue Duong
Industry Relations: Eric Zhang

Events: Asmaa Hasan
EWeek: Ashley Huang
Open House: Marissa Ilaria
Rutgers Day: Ingy Razouk

Finance: Sagar Phanda
Allocations: Kayla Scott
Fundraising: Rheanna Duque
Internal Finance: Sharon Xiao

Internal Review: Gabrielle Tagliaferro
Integrity: Andrew Russomagno

Publicity: Harsh Patel

Society Affairs: Krishna Gotur
Society Guides: Joshua Posen
Society Incubator: Timothy Nuber
Society Publicity: Jason Di Stefano
Society Review: Madeline Halota

Sustainability: Sara Atzbi

University Affairs: Zackary Billingham
Guest Speakers: Shaan Parikh
What’s On Your Mind: Hazem Mohamed

Webmaster: Jason Di Stefano


Our representatives make sure every constituent’s voice gets heard, whether in EGC, or in other bodies around the University.

Senator: Muhammad Awan
Senator: Hamid Abbas
Senator: Carlos Gonzalez

RUSA Rep: Moses Paul
RUSA Rep: Harsh Patel
RUSA Rep: Rishi Shah
RUSA Rep: Jeffrey Kim
RUSA Rep: Aarushi Govil

2019 Rep: Brooks Tawil
2019 Rep: Jessica Tuazon
2019 Rep: Katelyn Fleisch
2019 Rep: Joshua Posen 2019 Rep: Danny Stevens

2020 Rep: Parth Patel
2020 Rep: Vandana Gollarhalli
2020 Rep: Hina Saeed
2020 Rep: Darian Greenfield
2020 Rep: Andrew Russomagno

2021 Rep: JP Edralin
2021 Rep: Justice Jubilee
2021 Rep: Ethan Zang
2021 Rep: Kyle Lee
2021 Rep: Anya Lopez

2022 Rep: Aarushi Govil
2022 Rep: Kayla Scott
2022 Rep: Harsh Patel
2022 Rep: Jeffrey Kim
2022 Rep: Moses Paul